ESD anti-fatigue mat walking version

Product no.: 13.GF.2.1
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ESD anti-fatigue mat walking version
Material: dissipative PUR integral flexible foam.
Protects muscles and joints. Very good standing and walking comfort.
Soft cushioning.
Flat knops,diameter approx 16 mm, bottom closed.
Thickness: 13 mm
Thermal- and sound absorbent
Anti-skid and shock absorbent
Flattened edges
Fire class: B1
Color: Black
ESD symbol
Typical resistance RS = 106 - 108 Ohm
Complies with DIN EN 61340-5-1
Special dimensions by gluing anytime

Standard dimensions: middlepiece 2 flattend edges, 2 perforations - 650 x 910 x 13 mm

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