Terms and Conditions

1.0 Scope & defense clause

(1.1) The following terms and conditions (GTC) apply exclusively to all offers, sales, supplies and payment.
(1.2) Different terms and condition of the customer are rejected and even then do not apply if we do not contradict them after receipt.

2.0 Conclusion of the contract

(2.1) The presentation of goods on the internet shop is not a binding offer of the provider to enter into a purchase contract. The customer will only be required to submit an order through an offer. Our offers are subject to change. Pictures in our online store or in our brochures are non-binding.

(2.2) A contract is only concluded when we accept the customer's order by a written order confirmation or by sending the goods.

3.0 Delivery and delivery delay

(3.1) Deliveries are made ex works, including packaging.

(3.2) The delivery dates and deadlines specified by us are non-binding.

(3.3) Force majeure and other events beyond our control, we are not responsible, such as Traffic and operational disruptions, strikes, lockouts, delays in delivery by our suppliers, raw materials, goods or energy shortages, actions of governmental authorities, as well as import and export restrictions, entitle us to postpone the delivery or the delivery accordingly or, if by the aforementioned events, the order fulfillment seriously called into question or impossible wholly or partly withdraw from the contract without the Purchaser has a claim for damages.

(3.4) We are entitled to make partial deliveries and to bill accordingly. Postage- and handling fees are calculated on each partial delivery.

3.5) We reserve the right at all jobs, increasing or decreasing quantity delivery up to 10% (in words: 10 Hdt v) of each job before... For custom (Assemblies) and printed goods we reserve the right to increase or decrease quantity delivery up to 20% (in words:.. Twenty Hdt v) of each job before.

(3.6) Special conditions for plastic products: buyers and sellers SHI testing and evaluation clause 1959 (high pressure) polyethylene films and products subject to the fact established by the Association of packing and covering in the SHI on 7 October 1959 but with the following Dimensions: the permissible tolerances are as follows: length and width of 5%. Thickness up to 0.04 mm = 25%, about 0.04 mm = 20%, but at least 5/1000. In the manufacture of bags and similar products under attack of a relatively small number of defective goods is technically unavoidable and not objectionable content up to 2% of the total amount, regardless of whether the defect lies in the processing or in print. Count difference - tolerance +/- 3%.

4.0 Retention of title

The delivered goods remain our property until full payment.

5.0 Terms of Payment

(5.1) The payment of the purchase price is due with contract. Discounts are granted only if agreed in writing.

(5.2) If the customer with the settlement of the invoice in default of us are inHöhe default interest of 5 percentage points above the base rate from the due date berechnet.Voraus- and payments are not remunerated.

(5.3) The offsetting claims is allowed only if they are legally established or undisputed. The enforcement of retention is excluded.

(5.4) we shall be entitled to suspend deliveries immediately to refuse to execute current contracts and to make all claims arising from the business relationship due immediately if the buyer defaults or a deterioration in its financial situation. Under the same conditions, we can demand advance payments or security deposits for all current transactions.

6.0 Shipping

(6.1) The transport risk for all shipments - including any return shipments - and the cost of transportation by the purchaser. The risk passes to the buyer when the goods were handed over to the person transporting führt.Dies also applies to shipments that leave the business operations of our suppliers.

(6.2) A transport insurance is only at the express request of the customer and at his expense.

(6.3) We are not obliged to choose the cheapest shipping method.
7.0 Complaints and Complaints

(7.1) In cases of incomplete or incorrect delivery or due to visible defects are immediately notified in writing no later than 6 days after receipt of the goods. The goods must be still in the state of delivery; in particular, they may not be processed. Other defects must be reported in writing immediately upon discovery.

(7.2) In case of delayed complaints or defects warranty claims are excluded.

8.0 Liability and Warranty

(8.1.a) The warranty is at our discretion to repair or replacement. Price reduction or cancellation of the contract may require the purchaser only if we are not able to repair the defect or supply a replacement, or repair or replacement delivery is considered failed. The customer is obliged to send the goods to us upon demand the purpose of improvement. The goods must be properly - be packed in the original carton if possible. The cost of sending at our expense, unless the complaint erweisst to be justified. Otherwise, they are to be borne by the purchaser.

(8.1.b) are claims for damages due to assured characteristics of the in point. 8.0 - 1. a) taken control unaffected. They shall comply with the statutory provisions. Excluded are out of warranty lying consequential damages that would be replaced by a rule of positive breach of contract.

(8.1.c) For goods has been altered by a third party or by the installation of third party parts, we can not guarantee if the damage is in causal connection with this change. Ensuring continued expires if the information provided about the treatment of the delivered goods have not been followed.

(8.1.d) No warranty shall apply for not new merchandise, IIA goods and special.

(8.1.e) goods for which we shall replace, become our property.

(8.2.a) for damages for breach of contractual or non-contractual obligations, we hold unlimited for intent or gross negligence of our board members and senior staff. The liability for ordinary negligence. For non-managerial employees, we are liable only for gross negligence and intentions, and this only on the condition that essential contractual obligations have been violated and thus the purpose of the contract is endangered. In these cases, the compensation claim of the Purchaser the amount is limited to the replacement of the typical foreseeable damage.

(8.2.b) The liability due to mandatory statutory provisions, notably due to product liability law remains unaffected.

.0 Applicable law, place of performance and jurisdiction

(9.1) performance is the seat of the respective delivered or payable operation. Jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the business relationship, including those from bills and checks is Singen / Hohentwiel. However, we have the right to sue the purchaser at his general jurisdiction.

(9.2) applies exclusively to German law. The application of the Hague standardized purchase laws, the unified UN purchasing law or other agreements on the Law of the Sale of Goods is excluded.

10.0 Other

(10.1) The buyer may transfer resulting from the contractual rights and obligations without our written consent to third parties.

(10.2) If any provision in these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and agreements.

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